TCO Certified

Designing toward sustainable IT products

TCO Certified is a sustainability certification for IT products. With comprehensive criteria, it is designed to drive social and environmental responsibility throughout the product life cycle. 

When working with TCO Certified, I managed the visual identity of the certification. With it, we wanted to create a brand that feels trustworthy and easy to connect with. But also combine the human and technological aspects of the certification.

A lot of similar brands can feel a bit dry. So we worked a lot on making it easy to approach TCO Certified and focus on clear information. Especially when doing infographics and other technical material

Below are some examples of things I have produced during my time at TCO Development.

Moving background, Launch of TCO Certified Generation 9.


Guiding documents for Purchasers.


Infographic of obstacles connected to circular use of IT products, Impacts and Insights 2020.


Infographic of verification of compliance in TCO Certified, Impacts and Insights 2021.


Social media posts on Linkedin.