Your new BFF

Ready for a friendship? Meet Barnacle, your new digital bestie! Always by your side, ready to chat and give you comfort and compassion forever and ever and ever and ever and ever…

Barnacle is an augmented reality experience I was part of developing, exploring the future of synthetic relationships. Through your phone, you are able to talk and interact with your new BFF.  The experience takes around 10-15 minutes and is only available on mobile.

In this project, I was responsible for the design and coding of the augmented reality experience. You can learn more and experience Barnacle at bestfriendbarnacle.com.

Idea and concept:
Ana Stanišić, Elvin Kandell, Rasmus Bengtsson
Manuscript and voice actor: Ana Stanišić
Music and sound design: Elvin Kandell
Design, 3D and development: Rasmus Bengtsson