Report presents keys to solving sustainability issues in the IT industry

Impacts and Insights 2019

– A report showing the impact of TCO Certified

Taverna Brillo

– From early meetings to late nights

TCO Certified is a global sustainability certification for IT products. Every three years the criteria are updated, pushing on the sustainable development of the IT industry. The report, Impacts and Insights 2019 measures sustainability progress among brand owners with IT products certified according to TCO Certified, 2015-2018. 

We wanted to create a report that you can read cover to cover but also easily just flip through. Creating graphs and infographics that fast and clearly explains the story behind the result and processes.

My main contribution was to work on these, but also the icons and illustrations. Creating a complete look for the report.

If you want to have a look at the report, you can find it here.


Illustration used for report site



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Taverna Brillo

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Branding (Student Project)


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Impacts and Insights 2019

Report + Graphic Design + Illustrations

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